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Square Format

Starting 2018 with a new format in my shop; the popular square format. Although...
6th Jan 18

Under The Dome

This particular shot of a friday-evening shoot in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is one of...
16th Mar 16

Rotterdam Erasmusbrug

New and more upcoming work from a cityscape shoot with my friend Marc Smits...
14th Mar 16

Museum Of Art

This week I finally was brave enough to head out to one of the...
11th Mar 16

Aurora Borealis

Last sundayevening, march 6th 2016, around 23.00pm I noticed through the monitor on,...
8th Mar 16

New in the webshop : Available in canvas, xpozer, aluminium dibond, staal, wood, wallpaper and offcourse as a print (framing also possible).

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